I am an sports photographer shooting events around the San Francisco Bay Area.. I currently shoot for Santa Clara University events in soccer, track, baseball, volleyball, etc.

I have had a passion for photography since I received a Polaroid instant camera in middle school. From there I graduated to 35mm film with a Zeiss Contarex and then Nikons bodies. Over the years I learned to work both the shutter as well as to do all the darkroom work to get the best out of my shots.

I had my first photo exposition in high school: a “behind the scene” of high school life. It captured candid moments inside and outside of the classrooms and was a hit with both teachers and students.

Today I focus on sports action and travel photography and I am always interested in new assignments in either areas

On the sports side, growing up in Europe, I did play soccer, but I also did some Judo, Handball and raced off-road motorcycles (we had what had to be the first college off-road motorcyle team, with sponsors including Michelin and Castrol). Today I have given up competitive sports and mostly ride my mountain bike in the hills on the San Francisco Peninsula.